Election Commission

The Election Commission (EC) is the agency that oversees the vast job of maintaining records of the electorate, managing the logistics of voter identity cards and electoral rolls, organizing elections & bye-elections to the national Parliament (Lok Sabha) and the legislative assemblies of the Indian states.

The Election Commission is headquartered at Nirvachan Sadan in New Delhi. It also has offices in the capitals of all states as well in many district headquarters. The election commission is headed by a three member group of Election Commissioners of which one is the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC). The team includes a number of assistant election commissioners, electoral officers and staff. During the elections, to facilitate polling and monitor the days of campaigning by the candidates, the Election Commission takes on thousands of government employees on deputation. The election commission is also able to summon the assistance of the police forces in the various states, the para-military and even the army if required to maintain law and order during the elections.

The work that goes into the organizing of an election in India is awesome. India this year will have over 500 million voters on its electoral rolls. Of this on an average about 60% come out to cast their vote in the various villages & towns of the country. Even if elections are staggered over 2-3 different days, an average of 100 million people need to be managed during the few hours of voting.

In the past elections, the Election Commission has deployed large infrastructure of computing & communication facilities to ease the workload and make the process more effective and secure. The election commission also posts information regularly on its website that was launched during the general elections last year.


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